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“I think for me there’s the idea that, ‘Oh, he was callow and foolish in his youth and has sort of learned the error of his ways and has redeemed himself and is now like, maybe, a person of substance,’” the 42-year-old actor and director told The New York Times . “But it wasn’t that I was lost and now I’m found. It was because we grow up. We kind of evolve.” You’ll Never Guess What Jennifer Garner Does So Kids Don’t Forget Ben Affleck Still, he admitted for a good part of his career he felt out of step with the roles he was cast in – both on and off the screen. That includes the “Bennifer” days, when he said he felt “cast in a soap opera where I had no control over the lines I was saying or the story line.” Back then, his recurring thought was: “This bears no resemblance to me, and I really wish they would write me a better part. Because I don’t want to be this guy,” he told the paper.

"Joan’s friends were her other family -- the chosen family. And [her daughter] Melissa made sure that not only were we able to be there for her but that we were able to be there for Joan. Because she knew how important that was for Joan’s friends to be able to be there for her," the "Inside Edition" anchor said. "Just to talk about the stupid stuff of life and just make jokes, because she wouldn’t want you to be maudlin. That would be horrible.

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"Intern (2000)" - Joan had some acting chops as well as a funny bone. In this movie, she plays Dolly Bellows, a fashion icon, while a young intern tries to navigate the world of high fashion at a hip magazine. "The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)" - In one of her most famous roles, Rivers is hilarious working with the likes of Miss Piggy when the Muppets invade the Big City. On Hulu: "That Show with Joan Rivers (1968)" - Hulu has all 65 episodes ready for binge watching! See Joan at her best and at a time when no one else was even close to as original as this comedic icon.

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For Beyonce's 33rd birthday on Thursday, her husband Jay Z got her something money can't buy. In a 33-second video published on "Jay Z's Life+Times" YouTube page, Beyonce is seen getting ready and performing for one of her shows -- all set to music from her and Jay Z.

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Joan’s show didn’t last, but the tension lingered. Rivers was banned from “The Tonight Show” for a quarter-century. That ban lifted in February, on Fallon’s first “Tonight Show” episode. Rivers made a cameo appearance that night with a string of other celebs, slamming a $100 bill on the desk, kissing Fallon’s cheek and waving to the crowd.

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We love you and miss you, Mom/Granny," she tweeted along with a sweet picture of her late mother, Elinor H. Couric. — Katie Couric (@katiecouric) September 4, 2014 She also posted on Facebook that her mother lived from 1923 to 2014 and died at the age of 91. "She loved fiercely and was fiercely loved," she added.

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Three people in the room, Joan would perform. I think if she could have known the response now, worldwide, she would have died smiling." Related: Joan Rivers Dead at 81: Inside the Comedian's Close Relationship With Her Daughter Melissa Rivers "The only other thing that meant as much to her [as performing] was, of course, her daughter, Melissa," Walters added, Walters, a legend in her own right for ABC News, said her own daughter and Melissa Rivers grew up together. "She had a difficult marriage, her husband committed suicide, this was not just one big laugh," Walters said. "She did a documentary a few years ago that she thought was wonderful, I thought was sad, showing her in all circumstances performing anywhere, everywhere -- in a basement, in a roof, anything for an audience.

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"We mourn with her family, friends and all those millions to whom she brought laughter and joy." Rivers died on Thursday at the age of 81, one week after she was hospitalized in New York City. The comedian had been unconscious since suffering cardiac arrest while undergoing a medical procedure, a source confirmed to ABC News at the time. Melissa Rivers, her daughter, said last week that the "Fashion Police" co-host was on life support. A Look Back at the Life of Joan Rivers "My mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh," Melissa Rivers said in a statement. "Although that is difficult to do right now, I know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon." Rivers, who changed her name from "Joan Molinsky" when she entered show business, began her acting career in a play opposite Barbra Streisand before appearing on "Candid Camera." In 1965, the future talk show host made her first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show." "When I started out, a pretty girl did not go into comedy. If you saw a pretty girl walk into a nightclub, she was automatically a singer.

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"So now I have to learn new tricks!" Go Inside Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's L.A. Home Brady, 37, has been married to Bündchen, 34, since 2009. Their oldest child, Benjamin, was born that December, while their daughter, Vivian, came along three years later. (Brady also has an 8-year-old son, Jack, from a previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynahan .) These days, the supermodel's expectations of Brady are high ("I’m a guy, what doesn’t she get on me for?" he joked. "That’s just what wives do!") but she told " Good Morning America " that she's always rooting him on.