Fou De Feu Ceramics

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Fou de Feu will be the Ceramic Studio of Veerle Van Overloop, who mixes diverse products in an easy method to produce ceramics which can be equally clear and real. Inspired photography by architecture , layout and & nbsp;food culture, she designed two  libraries which can be both contemporary and clean. Flow Beat and equilibrium will be the keywords that define the newly-designed tableware. Pure white porcelain fused with leather, lumber and marble. Various shapes of plates, cups & spoons, desk pads and chopping boards supply every stand a unique groove. Diaphragm Influenced by photography, this thing troubles its proprietor to locate a functionality either functional, the best option to him or decorative. Matte black porcelain mixed with metal.

3D Printing Saves Frank Lloyd Wright’s Annie Pfeiffer Chapel

Flip by doing this and also you have views of the swimming.

Sneak a Glimpse at DesignPOP by Lisa Roberts

From materials to technology to output techniques, Lisa considers a number of the items we’re currently starting to observe as style classics.

A Modern Family Farm in Colorado

Using student labor between 1938-1941, 6,000 tapestry blocks furnished into 46 special designs were forged from sedimentary stone (coquina) and real, then pieced together to form the building’s signature linen stop jewel-box exterior. Part perforation block that was outside made for the west wall of the AP Chapel. Sadly, like many Lloyd Wright’s cement block structures, over time the handmade blocks started to deteriorate from climate and era (close-up of degeneration here). The price to recast Wright’s blocks byhand demonstrated prohibitively costly in the past…until the introduction of the inexpensive 3D printer.