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Donde will be responsible for leading the strategic direction of the business while managing the success and growth of Nasdaq's current data and index products. Mr. Donde will report directly to Adena Friedman, President of Nasdaq. He will be based in New York and will start on February 5. "Nasdaq's Global Information Services business has always been about delivering unmatched market transparency and unique index solutions for our clients," said Ms. Friedman. "Salil's appointment represents our unwavering commitment to innovation and client partnerships as we continue to grow and expand our index and data offerings worldwide." Mr. Donde joins Nasdaq with extensive experience leading technology and data companies, a diverse background in the broader financial services industry, and a proven track record of transforming companies and creating value for shareholders. Most recently, Mr.

Nasdaq Appoints Salil Donde As Executive Vice President To Lead Global Information Services - Growth And Expansion Of Products And Distribution Among Key Goals

This is more of the same poor UK performance which left the UK as one of the weakest developed markets in 2014 with the main FTSE 100 index up only 0.7%. By contrast, the US rose by 20% in sterling terms while India was up 32% and mainland China (see earlier articles) up by almost 60% for sterling investors. Over time the FTSE 250, which is tilted towards domestically focused companies, has beaten the main index and did so again in 2014 by just 3% not exactly the stuff dreams are made of. The long term story is no better; the FTSE 100 index remains 6% below its 1999 high and is showing little inclination to regain that level in the near future. Maybe its time to look overseas for better returns. But should you be investing at all at the moment? Markets have had a good run and valuations in major markets like the US are now looking challenging. Hopes of a decisive move towards Quantitative Easing in the Eurozone are underpinning sentiment and may support a further market rally if Sr Draghi announces a credible programme of bond buying on January 22. However, with economic indicators trailing it is also likely that that there will be some moments of short term panic about global growth over the coming months. This could lead to sharp sell-offs as we have seen at regular intervals throughout the past five years of slow recovery. Despite these risks, investors may want a toehold in overseas markets while remaining fleet of foot in case things go wrong. My solution is to buy a single liquid ETF which gives a broad exposure to global equities but can be bought and sold rapidly with only one transaction charge. I tend to prefer ETFs based on the MSCI World Index as an easy way to risk-on and risk-off in this way; there is a good choice of providers and the costs have been coming down recently. The MSCI World index contains 1636 constituents and encompasses 32 developed countries. The extensive range of ETFs available to track it includes plain-vanilla low cost versions, minimum volatility versions and a sterling hedged version. As I have written before, taking short term currency views is a mugs game and highly speculative. Currencies move unpredictably and often more sharply than you expect. For example, sterling has weakened by 10% versus the US dollar since last summer. The chances are that sterling will fall further as political risk grows ahead of the May 2015 General Election. But it may not. If sterling recovers its composure you will lose money on your overseas ETFs so you may prefer to buy the sterling hedged version of the MSCI world ETF to avoid that risk. It puts upward pressure on earnings per share (EPS) and in effect represents a tax free dividend from the company Powershares Companies that carry out buy-backs tend to have medium or large capitalisations and typically have generated attractive absolute and risk adjusted returns but, more important, there is some evidence that they can also provide superior returns. The underlying index tracked by the Powershares Global BuyBack Achievers ETF is the NASDAQ Global Buyback Achievers Index, which is compared to the MSCI AC World Index below: Apart from being another useful way to diversify exposures in your portfolio, this is a great way to be sure that you are following the investment lead of the people who know the company best the management. For those who dont want the stress of watching the market and taking risk-on/risk-off decisions, this might prove a more relaxing long-term plan and, hopefully, improve your chances of having a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Tokyo Stock Exchange: Listing Of DIAM's First ETF - DIAM ETF Nikkei225 -

The listing ceremony for the ETF was held at Tokyo Stock Exchange today with related parties in attendance. Mr. Yasumasa Nishi, President & CEO of DIAM commented, "We are delighted to list our first ETF on the TSE market. ETFs are easily accessible on stock exchanges and are low-cost, and I believe this investor-friendly financial instrument will receive even more recognition in coming years. As a leading domestic manager of index funds totaling over JPY 8 trillion in assets under management, we will endeavor to contribute to the further expansion of the ETF market through the offering of additional ETFs developed based on our long-cultivated expertise." TSE President & CEO Akira Kiyota commented "We would like to express a warm welcome to the new DIAM ETF Nikkei225 ETF to our market today. I believe that this ETF will be useful to investors as another option in their investment strategies.